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Flextail REPEL- 3-in-1 Mosquito Repellent with Camping Lantern

Flextail REPEL- 3-in-1 Mosquito Repellent with Camping Lantern

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Introducing our latest innovation, the Flextail TINY REPEL, an exclusive double-sided design utilizing the cutting-edge DUALREPEL technology, ensuring even heat distribution for superior performance. Compared to other brands, our TINY REPEL offers twice the heating effect, guaranteeing quick and efficient results.

With a rapid heat-up time, the TINY REPEL reaches 110°C in just 50 seconds, providing you with fast and effective heat. At a lower power consumption, it can reach 165°C, creating a protective zone that extends up to an impressive 30 feet.

The TINY REPEL's fast heating system gives you two options: 110°C for 50 seconds or 165°C for 2 minutes, all under the watchful eye of a smart thermostat, ensuring 360-degree all-round protection.


TINY REPEL, a versatile and powerful mosquito repellent designed to provide you with a 30-foot zone of protection against mosquitoes

In Camp Mode, the TINY REPEL creates a 10-foot zone of protection that can last for an impressive 10 hours. This mode is perfect for situations where you need focused protection in a smaller area.

In Outdoor Mode, the TINY REPEL extends its protective zone to 30 feet, making it ideal for larger outdoor spaces. Despite the extended coverage, it still offers an impressive 7 hours of continuous protection.

FLEXTAIL TINY REPEL Stepless dimming better meets different brightness needs. 400 lumens full brightness can continuously last up to 9 hours, if you do not need it that bright, dim it down to 50 lumens for 50 hours! The camping light can be used alone or with mosquito repellent.

IPX5 waterproof and durable material to survive a drop of 1.2 m height from the concrete floor.

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